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Scallop Siding in Vancouver

Scallop Siding in Vancouver

Our scallop siding is crafted from efficient material that combines the traditional look of cedar with the durability of vinyl.

Scallop Siding in Vancouver


Scallop siding, also known as fish-eye siding, is much like shake siding in functionality and customization, but it’s a slightly different appearance. Rather than rectangular planks, scallop siding features curves that give your home a natural charm, reminiscent of the ocean.



Flag Custom Exterior offers our scallop siding in a variety of materials, colors, and finishes, meaning that you can find the perfect style for your property. Our trained designers are also more than happy to provide their input! Our scallop siding is made from highly-efficient vinyl, offering the look of traditional cedar shingles with no necessity for continuous upkeep.

We’ve been in the business for almost 10 years, which means we understand the siding requirements of Vancouver region houses better than anyone else. In addition, we place a premium on customer satisfaction before every other component of our business, which is the way we’ve managed to keep growing. In reality, most of our business has come from client referrals!

Therefore, if you’re looking for scallop siding to update the appearance and functionality of your home, give your most trusted local remodelers a telephone! There’s no reason to stick with peeling, dysfunctional siding. Speak to one of our friendly agents or fill out our quick online form now to get your free quote.

Scallop Siding in vancouver




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