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Celect Siding

Upgrade Your Vancouver Home With Celect Siding

Add durability and style to your Vancouver home with Celect Siding. Flag Custom Exterior  siding professionals that you can count on.

Your home is your greatest investment, and shielding it from the erratic weather that is common to Vancouver is important for lifetime value and curb appeal. At Flag Custom Exterior, we know that there are countless choices available for replacement siding in Vancouver, but no one in the area offers the superior performance and waterproof durability of Celect siding from Flag Custom Exterior.

This revolutionary product is designed to give your home the look, feel, and value of real wood–without any of the problems of wood siding. Completely impervious to humidity, water, and insects, Celect by Royal Building Products is the siding our team is pleased to offer to homeowners throughout the Steel City.

There are an infinite number of ways that Celect siding stands out from the opponents, but it begins with expert technology and attention to detail. From the inside-out, this item is built for beauty and longevity. As a cellular composite siding, you’ll never manage discoloration discoloration, moisture damage, or touch-ups that you find along with other Vancouver siding choices. Rather, Celect siding will hold up to the harshest elements of Mother Nature decade after decade, without sacrificing its magnificent curb appeal and superior structural integrity.

When you select Celect siding for your next house update, you can count on our siding company in Vancouver to deliver a product that provides:


Customized Curb Appeal: From traditional clapboard to board & battern or shake styles, our siding comes in several patterns for a unique outdoor appearance. But that is not all! We can even customize your siding with a huge choice of colours, finishes, and textures for an ideal complement to your property.


Easy Upkeep & Seamless Style: Celect siding won’t ever fall prey to mould, deterioration, or delaminating like other siding products. This replacement siding is virtually free from maintenance and includes interlocking joints that seal out all traces of moisture.


Eco-Friendly Efficiency: Protecting the environment is as important as protecting your home, and you’ll get the best of both with Celect. As a 100% recyclable solution, our siding is made of renewable resources and delivers an R-value that is twice as large as any comparable product.



Professional Setup: Flag Custom Exterior has 10+ years of experience as a Vancouver replacement siding company, and we have built a reputation for personalized, efficient service which has one aim in mind–full customer satisfaction.


Discover the Difference of Celect Siding from Our Trusted Vancouver Team
Deciding on the ideal Vancouver siding for your house is a huge decision, but you can not go wrong with Celect siding when it has to do with impressive beauty, weather resistance, and superior strength. In fact, this innovative product is even backed by a lifetime guarantee for your reassurance! . You can  complete our online form, and we’ll get you started with a complimentary, in-home quote.

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